Interview with Singer/ Songwriter Eric Paslay

Eric Paslay, the Texan Country Singer and Songwriter with German roots is coming to Germany to play some shows.

Yesterday, Jessica talked to the musician and he told us a bit about himself, his life and his music:


Jess: Hello Eric, I’m glad that you have time for a few questions.

We are very happy that you are coming to Germany for a few concerts.

You are playing in Berlin, Cologne (sold out!!!) and Hamburg in a few weeks.

Is it your first time in germany or have you been here before?Are you going to have time to look at the country?

Eric: It’s my first time coming over and I think it’ll be a lot of fun.

The scots-irish is in my beard and my height is the German in my blood.
My grandfather and grandmother side are all German, so it will be neat to come and see the country.
I think I will have time to see the country. That’s my goal, see the country and meet some fans and hopefully it’ll be the first trip of a lot more to come.

Jess: Your support act will be Roads and Shoes from Germany.

We saw them in June opening for Charles Esten.

How it came you choose them also? Don’t get me wrong, we really appriciate this, cause we like them very much!

Eric: I love Charles and I think they’re really, really good.

I can’t wait to play the shows with them and hear their music.
It’s really cool how country music is being played all around the world now. There are a lot of bands and groups and singers that are wanting to sing country music and I think is awesome.

Jess: At the age of 35, you belong to the younger generation of country musicians.

How did you come to country music?

Eric: I grew up in Central Texas so there was a lot of country music on the radio.

I don’t know, I think I’ve always been drawn to the song writing and the stories.

I don’t know, I just ended up in Nashville with country music. I listen to all kind of different music and I’m a fan of all different kind of artist and genres.

I think, I’m just drawn to great melodies and songs and my home is in country music and listening to other music to.

Jess: Your EP “The Work Tapes” was released over a year ago.

Is something new planned in terms of EP or even album?

Eric: Yes we are making new music.

We recorded a live album in Glasgow, so that’ll be the next project that comes out.

Me and the band playing my hits from Friday Night-, -Song About A Girl-, -She Don’t Love You-; Songs that I have written for other country artist will be like -Barefoot Blue Jean Night-, -Even If It Breaks Your Heart-, Angel Eyes- and some other hits that I’ve had with other guys out of Nashville.

I’m always trying new music, so we are happy that the new live album is coming out soon.

Jess: You are writing your own songs but you also write for other musicians.

Your single „Young Forever“ was written with Chris DeStefano & Morgan Evans.

Can you tell us a bit about the background of Young Forever“?

Eric: Yes I was writing with Chris and Morgan.

Morgan Evans just starting to have hits here in the US. He is famous in Australia and he starting to become famous here. It was his idea.

Morgan and Kelsey got married last year, it was his idea, they had just gotten engaged and he was thinking about being young forever. We thought it was a great idea. You show up in the room with a bunch of friends and try to catch a great song and I think we did it that day.

Jess: With Charles Kelly (Lady Antebellum) and Dierks Bentley you have released the hit song “The Driver”, wich has earned a grammy nomination!

It’s such a great song!!

Is there someone with whom you would like to work once?

Eric: Actually I’m in New York City right now and we got to play the Jimmy Fallon Show. That was my first time playing with Charles, a good memory.

I’m always up to work with talented people. It would be a dream come true to get on the stage with U2 or Coldplay.

The one lady in Nashville that everybody wants to play with, she’s real cool and real nice, is Dolly Parton!!! I would love to write with her and hang out with her for a day. She’s incredibly talented and smart! I don’t know why, I’m always drawn to her and the amazing songs that she’s written and the way she’s done business is pretty amazing.

I’m always up for writing if someone he’s in it for the right reason. I think there’s a lot of great artists with the great heart that loves everybody and they’re in it for the right reasons so if they’re into that then sign me up I will work with them.

Jess: So I have got a little personal question, hope you don’t mind.

I read, your type A diabetic. Does this limits you in your work or in being on stage?

Eric: Type 1 diabetes I was diagnosed when I was 10 years old.

I was diagnosed at 10 years old and I had a really doctors end up. Until I was 18 I thought I was going to be a doctor. I thought I could help kids with diabetes and then I started writing songs and playing music and I think it helped me beat for Higher goals( diabetes).

I don’t know it’s amazing that diabetes and music has come together. Music has allowed me to help people with diabetes, raise money and awareness getting medicine and take care of themselves.

We are all here to encourage each other!I hope people with diabetes don’t find their whole identity in it.

I meet people juvenile diabetes and they say „I’m a diabetic, I’m a diabetic“, you are also a dreamer and you have big dreams to chase and I try to make sure they chased big dreams and have great lives. Diabetes as a part of their lives but I don’t want it to just consume their lives but with that being said I want them to take care of themselves.

To there’s a lot of good tools to help you manage your blood sugar. One thing that has changed my life on the road is a device called a Dexcom, which basically give me a blood sugar level reading. It’s like when you see someone prick their finger and put the blood on a test strip. It gives me one of those readings every five minutes. If I’m on stage and my blood sugar level is going low, my crew will let me know so I would chug a bunch of orange juice.

Jess: In July this year, you and your wife Natalie revealed that you are expecting your first child. Congratulations on that!!!

How do you feel as a father-to-be?

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Eric: I’m excited and terrified, I’m really excited!

Natalie is sitting right here she looks pregnant and so beautiful! We are really excited, we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl it will be a fun surprise when the kid shows up in December.

Jess: That’s nice to hear and I wish you all the best for you and the baby, please send some greetings to Natalie!

Eric: Oh thank you that’s very nice, wait a minute, I’ll tell Natalie about it …

               Natalie from behind: Hello Jess, thank you so much for the lovely words!

Jess: So Eric, we’re at the end now, is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

Eric: I just want to tell everybody in Germany, thanks for selling out a couple of the shows! Heck I haven’t even came there yet, so I’m going to have to come back a whole lot.

We would definitely come back because Natalie can’t fly yet because of the pregnancy. So we would definitely be back so I will have to take a bunch of pictures for Natalie.


We want to thank Eric for this nice interview and we’re looking forward seeing him on stage!

Also a big thank you to Wizard Promotions for the great cooperation.


Here are the german dates:

31.10.18 – Berlin / Frannz Club
01.11.18 – Köln / Blue Shell
02.11.18 – Hamburg / Häkken

More information about Eric Paslay here: