Interview with Logan Mize

Tanja: Hey Mr. Logan

Logan: Hey Tanja. How are you?

Tanja: I´m doing very fine. How are you?

Logan: Oh, I´m fine.

Tanja: I’m from the CountryHome Magazine, you might remember? We met us at the C2C in Berlin.

Logan: Yes absolutely. How are you doing?

Tanja: I´m doing very good. I’m very excited today to do this interview with you.

Logan: me, too!

Tanja: Thank you for taking the time.

Logan: absolutely

Tanja: Well, it´s early in the morning there, we are already in the evening here and…. what´s the weather like in the States?

Logan: Well, It´s different but I´m in Kansas right now and it´s hot and windy around 80° oder 90° F. It´ll get to 97°F today.

Tanja & Logan at the C2C

Tanja: Oh Wow.
Trick question 🙂 Stil wearing painted fingernails? 😉 (his daughter painted his fingernails before the C2C) *laughs*

Logan: Haha: I´m not wearing painted fingernails right now. It all wore off, but I’m sure it won’t be long before she is back at it again.

Tanja: Ok 🙂

Not even a half year ago, you were in Germany, now you’re coming back. Are you looking forward to meeting your German fans again?

Logan: absolutely. I had such a good time over there. It´s really fun to see the music react so well. That’s why we knew we had to come back soon. I’m really excited, I can´t wait.

Tanja: Ok, will you have a little more time to see Germany, not just the Bars and the Music Halls?

Logan: Yeah, we should have some more time, our schedule is still pretty tight, but we have more German citys, I think we have five or six. You might know the schedule better than me.

Tanja: maybe …

Logan: *laughs* … Yeah, we have some more time in Germany. I really loved it over there and the people.

Tanja: And we loved your time over here as well. More time here, more towns here means not enough time to see the culture, the people of course. You should take some more time off.

Logan: Yeah.

Tanja: To see whats around you, so much to see here. Especially in the southern area.
Well, we will come to see you again, of course, in Munich.

Logan: absolutely

Tanja: Munich is a very beautiful city as well.
You just came out with a new album, not four weeks later you came out with another single „Something just like this“.
Can the fans hope for a new album to come out? Are you working on it maybe?

Logan: Yeah. We’re working on a new album. We haven’t released anything off that album yet. So everything that we have done, we put out that EP called „From the Vault“, and those are older Songs all the Songs that were recorded and never came out.
We put out the Coversongs „Something just like this“. And there will be a video that will be coming up soon, but as far as the next album goes, I’m not sure how long it will be before it comes out. We´re still in the process of work on it. I’m sure it will come out as an EP first.

Tanja: Ok

Logan: I’m really excited about all the music on that album, really looking forward to it.

Tanja: We´re always following you on Facebook, Instagram and all that good stuff , you putting out the videos how important family is and were your music is coming from, and I’m sure a lot of fans can relate to this. It makes it so easy listening to your music, cause you can just bond to it.

Logan: Yeah, absolutely.

© Logan Mize/ Video “Only in this Town”

Tanja: Myself, of course, too For the Song „Only in This Town“ you called out to your fans to send photos of their hometowns from all over the World for that Lyric- Video.
I’m kind of curious of what parts of the world you reached to be getting photos from people of their hometowns, cities, countries, landcapes.

The video is out now and we’re happy to see our city 🙂

Logan: Yeah. Thats cool.

Tanja: so anything else we can hope for to see and hear new from you? In the near future? Except for that you are coming back to Germany, what we are thankful for.

Logan: We´re always working on new music. The new album won’t be done before we come over but … I’m not sure it there will be any new releases before we make it over there and putting together a new show for the European Dates, the Band is great and it will be a lot of fun.

Tanja: Ok.
So, were excited to see you in Munich and we hope there is time to meet you.

Logan: Oh Yeah. I would love that. There is time before we play or after. I would love to do an interview again.

Tanja: You should take the time and enjoy good Bavarian beer of course 🙂 Better after the show than before … maybe … I don’t know *laughs* for the voice.

Logan: … heck yeah…

Tanja: I´ll bring some regional beer as a gift to the interview if you would like.

Logan: Oh Yeah.

Tanja: So, I hope the family is fine and you get to spend time with them in between are your tight schedule making a lot of good music?

Logan: Yes. Thank you very much.
I´m home with them right now. Been with them all week.

Tanja: That´s great, but then it´s probably easier in the States to go home and spend time with the family than when you’re abroad.

Logan: It is, but it´s big over here. Last Week I was stuck in the Westcoast and it´s a 20 hour drive from Kansas. Sometimes flying makes it easier but I had a good five days home this week. This has been a good recharge.

Tanja: Well, that´s good for you.
So I´m really looking forward to seeing you this fall when you’re coming. The fans are waiting.

It was a pleasure talking to you again. It´s good listening to your music. I hope to see you soon and hope to talk to you soon 🙂

Logan: Absolutely Tanja. I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me this evening and I’m looking forward to getting over there.

Tanja: Thank you very much Mr. Logan. You have a good time, take care of yourself.

Logan: Have a good one, talk to you soon.

Tanja: Bye Bye


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