Interview with Cory Marks (engl.)

Am 7. August 2020 erscheint das Debüt- Album “Who I Am” von Cory Marks.

Der Country- Rocker nahm sich ein bisschen Zeit, um mit uns über sein Album und Pläne für die Zukunft zu sprechen:

CountryHome: You are a Singer and a Songwriter. Your Music is to be found in the area Country and Rock & Roll. What Music do you feel more attracted to?

Cory Marks: I’m attracted to both. I love the story that country music tells and the harmonies that make you feel that raw emotion and I love the power and energy that rock & roll gives you. So I write and record based on those two genres.

CountryHome: Soon your debut album „ Who I Am“ will be released. How excited are you?

Cory Marks: This record includes stories of my life the good bad and the ugly that I’ve written about over the last 5 years. I’m very excited to finally have it out for the world to hear.

CountryHome: We were allowed to listen into the Album and really are surprised by the musically diversity. We don´t want to spill the surprise, but please tell us shortly what to expect.

Cory Marks: The best way I think I can describe this record is something no one has ever done both in rock and country. It’s like mixing Eric Church, Ozzy Osborne and Merle Haggard.

CountryHome: You do write your own Songs. What or who inspires you?

Cory Marks: I’m a huge Merle Haggard fan because of his pure honesty and songwriting. He’s been a huge inspiration for my songs like “My whiskey your wine” on the record but I think that everyday life, emotions and situations allow me to write the songs I do. We all have them, so it can relate to anyone on a certain day. Good or bad day.

CountryHome: Which of the 13 Songs is your personal favourite?

Cory Marks: I like them all cause they all tell a story of a different time in my life. It also changes from day to day because there are many different emotions on this record but if I had to choose one right now…It would be Outlaws & Outsiders because of the artists featured on the track the way the fans reacted to the song worldwide and what it did for my career right out of the gates! I’m very thankful for all of it and I hope this record has the same effect.

CountryHome: You’ve worked with musicians as Travis Tritt + Lzzy Hale. What inspired you to work with them?

Cory Marks: I’m thrilled to have them be part of this project and for them to believe in these songs and this project. I think the features on this record are the most fitting for the given songs and each shed their own light on this album.

CountryHome: What are the chances (after Corona Covid 19) to see you live in Germany?

Cory Marks: I would love to come to Germany and perform for you guys. Such an amazing place and people, if we can fill an arena full of Cory Marks fans… I would love nothing more but to come play and party with Germany!

CountryHome: What can we be looking forward to?

Cory Marks: I think ounce all this CORONA craziness passes, you can look forward to seeing a whole lot of Cory Marks out on the road. I know I’m looking forward to that!



Photos: Cory Marks Promo